Parkliner 2017 Progress & Production Update

Godfrey Mendes and Dylan DeHoff of Liberty Outdoors oversee the fiberglass production process.

Dear Friends,

As you all know, 2017 has been a big year for Parkliner and Liberty Outdoors. You can see from the images taken at our factory, production is back on track, and we are looking forward to presenting you with what we believe is the best possible small travel trailer that we can produce.

Please see the production gallery at the bottom of this post.

Our top priorities for 2017 all focus on increasing the quality and value of our product, as well as the production capacity of our facility. We would like to touch on each of those items for you quickly.


Liberty Outdoors production crew working on our new, double-hulled fiberglass construction technique.

Our primary focus here is our transition to our new, double-hulled fiberglass construction technique that will be used in all of our new models. This process brings on drastic improvements in preventing condensation, overall strength and stability, better insulation properties, and more. Introducing this technique has been a substantial undertaking, but well worth it.


In our efforts to bring more to the table for our trailer owners, component sourcing has been a large area of focus for us. Plain and simple, we want to offer the best electronic, entertainment, climate and safety components available in the RV component market. This process includes sourcing, testing, and pricing hundreds of new component options, and to outfit your ParkLiner with the best equipment possible.

Production Capacity

RV sales in the US were unprecedented in 2016, and 2017 is looking just as strong. Any time that an industry sees this type of unexpected growth, the quality of the product being produced declines. This is simply due to production capacity, and the inability to keep up with demand. From day one we recognized this and made it a priority to upgrade and improve our facility to meet such demands.

We hope touching on these items can help you better understand our situation and the lengths we are going to produce the best possible product to our consumers. We are very excited to start sending out units to our dealers all over the nation, but we will not sacrifice our quality to get the product out the door. This is a value that you see reverberate not only through ParkLiner but through the entire line of Liberty Outdoors brands.

Thank you,

Dr. Godfrey F. Mendes
Co-Founder and Managing Director – Operations

Joseph Kicos
Co-Founder and Managing Director – Sales & Marketing

Liberty Outdoors

ParkLiner Production Gallery

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