About Us


Our philosophy is to design innovative products that exceed customer expectations. Unlike other ultralight camper trailers that have inherited and tweaked decades-old designs, ParkLiner is designed from the ground up to fit everything that might be possible in such a small space. The graceful lines, efficiency, and strength of the ParkLiner have more in common with a fine sailboat than with most camping trailers. It’s quite simply the best ultralight camper you can get in the market.

Extraordinary interior features fit gracefully into this small space. The interior of a ParkLiner consists of queen-size bed and comfortable seating areas; a couple doesn’t have to fold away the queen bed in order to sit down to coffee and breakfast. The ParkLiner also features far more cabinet space than the competition, and a “vanishing bunk bed” so that the ParkLiner can sleep up to four―that’s before you put the little one in a sleeping bag on the floor! Let’s not forget the “no head wounds” 6’ 5” ceiling height for the tall guys and no plastic trim for those sensitive to design aesthetic.

Making a great unit even better, the ParkLiner features hitch-and-go convenience. We understand that with work and family, you can’t be spending days “kitting up” for the next camping trip. With the ParkLiner’s ample storage, you can leave the trailer equipped and ready. Just grab the kids, a few clothes, and the bathing suits, and off you go. Nice!

And speaking of going, did we mention that you don’t need a heavy pickup to pull a ParkLiner?  Our units are lightweight, sleek, and narrow. At about 2,100 pounds, the ParkLiner is one of the lightest trailers of its size. No need to buy that heavy (and expensive) vehicle; most SUVs and minivans can tow the ParkLiner. The first-rate engineering, short wheel base, and narrow profile of the ParkLiner, allow you to pass trucks, drive mountain roads with confidence, and enjoy fast food drive-throughs, too. That way you can explore the great outdoors while going easy on the environment (and on your bank account).

Finally, your ParkLiner can be custom-built with the options you want. You can even choose the fabric of your choice on the comfortable cushions and the curtains. When it’s sitting in your driveway ready for its first trip, there will be no doubt that it’s your trailer.  In fact, you’ll probably start thinking you designed it yourself, from the ground up.

ParkLiner is simply the best, most pleasurable, low-impact ultralight camping experience you can have.

Now get out there—and go somewhere fun!