Bob Mellbye

It’s all about quality and workmanship… I’ve had my ParkLiner for two years and have camped in five states. During that time, I have seen first-hand just what a great camper this is. It starts with the design. There is only so much you can do in a small camper but the design is well thought-out and efficient. I have every feature you would find in a larger RV. I especially like the way the unit pulls with a standard van and, further, the design of the fiberglass shell almost eliminates buffeting from passing semis. Second is the materials used in construction. This is fiberglass and marine grade plywood. No composition veneer in this unit. Also the installed features (refrigerator, furnace, toilet, etc.) are high quality. It is tough and durable. It has weathered a hurricane without any leaks. Finally the workmanship is great. These units are not put together on an assembly line; they are crafted one at a time by people who know what they are doing. A compact unit like the ParkLiner is not for everyone but if you want something compact, easy to tow, and easy to set up, then you should seriously check this out.

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