Marsha & George Hare

We saw our first Parkliner May, 2015 in Oriental, NC. My wife and I were just starting our search for a camper to travel to Portland, Oregon with our Chocolate Lab. The minute we stepped in to the Parkliner, we knew this was “our home”. Within a month we were the proud owners of a 2014 Parkliner. Since then, we have traveled over 10,000 miles: west to Oregon, south to Florida, and twice to the mountains of our home state of North Carolina. Our Parkliner has proven to be the perfect camper for the three of us. At 6’3″, I am most impressed with the comfortable headroom and sleeping room the Parkliner offers. The design layout and solid construction, down to the smallest details, exemplify engineering genius. After many miles, some of which were very rough terrain, our Parkliner has proven its endurance. But, more importantly, it has earned my confidence as the camper that will allow us to travel many more miles throughout the country in comfort and safety.

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