Nancy & Bill Berry

We were tent campers for many decades but, upon reaching “a certain age” we began to look for some basic amenities: a bathroom; a place to be out of the rain, etc. We needed a travel trailer. After some broad research we focused on small fiberglass travel trailers. Not needing another project, we decided to buy new. More research narrowed the field and we became aware of ParkLiner. As an engineer I have always appreciated elegant yet practical design. I went over the ParkLiner floorplan with a fine-tooth comb and compared it to the main competitors. The design was “slick.” I really liked the storage space. The side dinette was important as well. And the number of options were amazing. We lived a couple of hours away so we called and visited the factory. For us, it was love at first sight, we chose our options, wrote a check and waited for our ParkLiner to be made. That was late 2012. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

In March 2013 we picked up our ParkLiner and drove away. It was the first time I had towed anything other than a small U-Haul cargo trailer. My nerves settled down in a couple of miles and Soon, we learned the “ins-and-outs” of campgrounds, how to back-in to a spot, how to hook-up to the services, etc. We spent the rest of 2013 travelling up and down the east coast, usually staying in campgrounds and enjoying the comments of our fellow campers about the ParkLiner. I particularly enjoy pulling in to a spot and being completely hooked up in less than 15 minutes. Then, along would come someone with a big stick-built tow or a motorized behemoth and it would be entertaining to watch them still getting settled an hour or more later.

Here is why that is important. You can be away in the morning in about the same span of time. So the ParkLiner can really put the travel in travel trailer. It is made for travel. You don’t want to invest hours parking in a campground so you can move on the next day. In 2014 we went to Alaska in the ParkLiner and most of the stops were one-night stands. We were 65 days straight in the camper from leaving home to arriving back home. We never had a reservation and we never were turned away from a campground. (Actually, it was close. In Dawson Creek B.C. we were told the campground was full but the owner looked out the window and saw our ParkLiner and said “Is that all you have? Sure, we have a spot for you.”) It was the big rigs that got turned away.

We love the flexibility of travelling in the ParkLiner which is so easily detached from our truck. We were camped in Whitehorse, The Yukon, one night when Nancy said “Why don’t we go to Skagway tomorrow?” This was an 80-mile side trip crossing the international border. I said, “Why not?” We left the ParkLiner in the Whitehorse campground and enjoyed a beautiful visit back into the US. Consider this when deciding between a ParkLiner and a huge diesel rig with a sedan in tow. Really. How much do you need?

Not only is the ParkLiner easy to set up and easy to hook up, but it ParkLiner tows beautifully. I had anticipated perhaps purchasing an anti-sway hook-up. That was absolutely unnecessary. I literally “did not know it was back there.” Our tow vehicle is a 6-cylinder Nissan Frontier which is more than adequate.

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